About Rocky Ridge Trucks

American manufacturing is alive and well in the North Georgia town of Franklin Springs, home of specialty vehicle manufacturer Rocky Ridge Trucks. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ve seen a Rocky Ridge truck in front of a GM, Chrysler, Ford, or Toyota dealership across the country. They’re hard to miss! In industry terms, Rocky Ridge is a high-volume “upfitter.” They take standard raw vehicles from the manufacturers and make them bigger and faster, and enhance the way they look. And the company’s been doing it for 30 years, through numerous challenges in the automotive industry.

How does Rocky Ridge do it? “We’ve been successful,” says National Sales Manager Chuck Fletcher, “by paying constant attention to the retail marketplace, adapting our products, and continually rolling out new packages and components.” This fierce adaptability is also obvious in the way Rocky Ridge runs its sales organization: It leverages advanced tools within the Vonage business phone system, including Zoho® CRM integration.

The Challenge

Each day, Rocky Ridge’s 15 sales representatives reach out to dealerships across the country with a profitable proposition to become a Rocky Ridge Authorized Dealer. “Selling to new car dealers is challenging, to say the least,” says Inside Sales Manager Billy Reagin. “These are the best salespeople ever, and we’re selling them … but it’s also difficult to connect with them.”

If sales challenges weren’t enough, the company’s legacy phone system had become woefully inadequate: call quality was inconsistent and dropped calls were hurting business. In their search for a better phone system, they looked carefully at solutions that could elevate sales team productivity and help close more deals. That’s what brought Rocky Ridge to the Vonage Business.

The Solution

Rocky Ridge selected Vonage’s Premier platform, the cloud-hosted solution tied into Vonage’s nationwide MPLS network. The improved quality of service was obvious from the start, solving the problems of spotty service and dropped calls.

Call Center Excellence. The sales team began using Vonage’s Call Center solution to help bring more organization and visibility to sales activities. Reagin especially likes the Call Monitoring capability to hear both sides of sales interactions: “When a rep is close to handing a call to a manager to close a deal, it helps to be able to listen in beforehand,” he says. “But we also use it to coach our reps and help them improve.” In addition, Reagin uses the Call Center Supervisor dashboard to view all call activity in real time, and to help spot calling trends over time.

Zoho® CRM Integration Makes the Difference. The newest tool in the Rocky Ridge sales arsenal is the Vonage® for Zoho® CRM integration, which efficiently ties the sales team’s Zoho CRM system to the phone system. Not only does the tool help reps improve each customer interaction, it also streamlines day-to-day account organization—which is critical for reps who may manage up to 100 accounts. Integration features that help the team include:

  • Screen Pops: When a customer calls or the rep calls a customer, the account record instantly pops onto the screen. So, the rep can greet the caller by name and have ready access to call history, past orders and current inventory.
  • Call Logging: Each call is automatically logged as an activity within the CRM, a time-saving function that allows easy reporting, sorting and prioritization of customer contacts.
  • Click-to-Dial: This function speeds up the process by allowing one-click dialing within the CRM interface.

The Bottom Line

Rocky Ridge is already seeing their move to Vonage® Business as transformative to its sales operation, particularly their efficient use of CRM integration. “We want a seamless sales process with as much automation as possible,” continues Reagin. “The phone connector through our CRM has made it a lot better for us.”

“We’re now to the point where we’re gathering enough data on who we’re contacting, and when, that we’ll soon be able to restructure our days to improve our targeting and increase our close rate.” Great idea, and spoken like a professional whose company will likely be around for another 30 years and beyond. Learn more about The Vonage Integration Suite.

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