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When audiences watch Animal Planet’s most highly-viewed television show, “Tanked,” they are dazzled by the colorful aquariums custom constructed to fit the most exotic environments. Behind the scenes, the telecommunications needs of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing have escalated to a whole new level. As many as 500 people tour the Las Vegas manufacturing plant daily, and incoming call volume has grown exponentially. Scalability is important, since the company has more than doubled its physical plant size and number of employees since the show first aired.

When selecting a communications service provider, the owners were set on finding a company who could support the rigorous demands of the entertainment industry as well as keep pace with the communication needs of this specialty manufacturer.

Products & Services

  • Fully Hosted PBX Technology – Complete with private data connection, business-class IP phones and installation, bundling turnkey phone and Internet service and 24/7 support.
  • Advanced Unified Communications – Integrates powerful features to simplify business communications, provide long-term cost efficiencies and boost productivity.

The Solution

The ATM’s team’s traditional phone system limited efficiency and long distance charges were high. Owners Wayde King and Brett Raymer recognized Vonage for the most feature-rich phones available — with advanced mobility and video capabilities. Day to-day interactions are enhanced through unified calling features, including auto attendant. At the push of a button, computers can transfer calls to cell phones. Voice messages can be read or listened to from PCs, smart phones and tablet devices.

Advanced features like simultaneous ring, remote call control and call forwarding allow Acrylic Tank Manufacturing to conduct business as usual, regardless of location. Video voicemail and web conferencing allow customers to view installations remotely, and vendors are able to “walk through” projects for which they are fabricating special parts — from anywhere in the world. Best of all, this service is scalable to meet Acrylic Tank Manufacturing’s changing needs, packing unlimited growth potential at a predictable cost.


“If you’ve watched Tanked, then you know we work under intense time constraints and require specific information at our fingertips. Good telecommunications keeps it all together, and that’s where Vonage has transformed our business. They aren’t just a vendor, they’re part of the team.” – Wayde King, Founder, ATM

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