Company Profile

Since 1958, Handi-Ramp® has manufactured and marketed a wide variety of products for slip and fall prevention, materials handling, and wheelchair accessibility. Handi-Ramp has provided ramps for prestigious clients, such as the White House and the Statue of Liberty.

The Challenge

Handi-Ramp’s management analyzed and identified deficiencies and redundancies in their business workflow. Manually entering phone numbers was a redundant task, which newer systems could eliminate. Without telecom integration, their previous CRM system was incapable of capturing, tracking and updating CRM records automatically as each call came through the system.

The Solution

Once the analysis was complete, Handi-Ramp selected Zoho CRM because it functioned with the Vonage Premier platform, allowed integration with Google Apps for Work, which provided the company’s email, calendar and contact systems. For the company’s 10-person sales and customer care employees, Zoho offered excellent capabilities at about 30 percent of the cost of Salesforce, according to Javier. It was the best choice at the right price.

  • Hosted UCaaS with MobileConnect – Vonage Business uses an enterprise-hosted VoIP platform with business-ready APIs to capture calls. The system powers Handi-Ramp’s desk phones, applications and softphones, seamlessly integrating with mobile devices to improve salesforce productivity.
  • gUnify Google Apps Connector for Zoho CRM – Handi-Ramp’s sales team can make calls from the field using their mobile devices that are automatically logged and linked with the company’s Zoho CRM system. There is better tracking of sales cycles and progress for
    each customer, opportunity, project and account.

The Bottom Line

Vonage Business’ gUnify application has enabled Handi-Ramp to monitor phone leads and sales department follow-up processes effectively. The need to hand enter CRM info has been drastically reduced. Unified business processes has enabled centralized reporting and reduced time and training costs. Dashboards provide management with real-time daily reports showing which jobs have closed, which are near completion, incoming call volume, call management – who is answering those calls, and timing on quotes.

“When we saw what Vonage Business was offering in terms of a VoIP solution that could leverage both Zoho CRM and Google Apps for Work, including mobility options, switching phone companies was an easy decision.”