Okay, let’s talk about increasing employee productivity through Unified Communications and better managing the relationships that drive your business. That’s what the Vonage® Integration Suite is all about: connecting your office phone service with the best-in-breed cloud business applications you rely on every day…Salesforce®, G Suite, Clio®, Zendesk®, Oracle® and more. As a result, you gain more efficiency and visibility by completely linking the information in your business applications with the detailed data about all of your inbound and outbound calls. It’s efficiency at your fingertips, powered by our award-winning gUnify middleware intelligence.
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The Vonage® Integration Suite: Standard Features

Our cloud integrations are easy to manage and deploy, and each includes the following features:
  • Click to Dial
  • Note Taking
  • Call History
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Call Logging
  • Screen Pop for Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  • Continuity Across Multiple Devices, including iPhone and Android.

Integrations Include:

Nexmo®, The Vonage® API Platform

A set of cloud-based communication APIs designed to remove the pain of integrating with multiple carriers—and take you global in the blink of an eye. Nexmo®, The Vonage® API Platform

Bullhorn® Integration

Streamline your calling and make staffing easier. Quickly find caller details, add notes and make calls at the click of a button with Vonage® for Bullhorn®. Everything you need to do out of Bullhorn pops up as soon as your phone rings. Get the PDF: Vonage for Bullhorn.

Clio® Integration

Vonage® for Clio®, powered by gUnify automatically logs time for all incoming and outgoing calls, captures the user’s call notes and custom rates, and exports this information in real-time to the contact’s communication tab with the option to associate a Matter in Clio as well. Get the PDF: Vonage for Clio.

ConnectWise® Integration

When you integrate your ConnectWise account with your Vonage Business phone service, you can automatically log incoming and outgoing call data, capture the user’s call notes, and record this information within ConnectWise. It’s all about achieving greater operational efficiency and accountability. Get the PDF: Vonage® for ConnectWise®.

G Suite Integration:

Simplify business operations when you integrate your phone service with G Suite. Vonage® for G Suite, powered by gUnify includes screen pops, call logging, Google Contacts® sync, Google Talk® and Google Hangouts®, presence, Gmail call labeling, optional plugin to Zoho® CRM, and more. Get the PDF: Vonage for G Suite.

JobDiva® Integration

When your JobDiva Applicant Tracking System and your phone system become one, you can click to dial calls directly from your contacts and candidates, get screen pops for incoming calls with caller information, take notes and more. Get the PDF: Vonage® for JobDiva®.

Microsoft Dynamics® Integration

Maximize your Microsoft Dynamics CRM by integrating with your business phone system. Screen pops immediately bring up customer contact name and record with your incoming/outgoing calls. And features like click-to-dial, call note taking and call history can save valuable time. Get the PDF: Vonage® for Microsoft Dynamics®.

NetSuite® Integration

Vonage® for NetSuite®, powered by gUnify automatically logs all incoming and outgoing call data to your NetSuite client record, captures the call notes, provides accurate call time capture, and more.

Office 365 Integration

Business phone integration with Office 365 lets your team further streamline business operations and gain more real-time visibility and efficiency with every inbound and outbound call: screen pops, automatic call logging, detailed reporting, Outlook® task noting and tagging, and more. Get the PDF: Vonage® for Office 365

Oracle® Integration

For Oracle Sales Cloud users, Vonage® for Oracle®, powered by gUnify provides screen pops for incoming calls with caller name, automatically captures call data, allows the users to add call notes, and records this information in Oracle Sales Cloud. Get the PDF: Vonage for Oracle.

Salesforce® Integration

This CRM integration increases your Salesforce productivity by automatically logging incoming and outgoing calls, providing screen pops, creating contacts and cases, capturing call notes, and viewing real-time user activity reports. Get the PDF: Vonage® for Salesforce®.

Zendesk® Integration

With Vonage® for Zendesk®, powered by gUnify, users are enabled with click-to-dial, screen pops with customer name, person and case creation, custom fields, macros and more.

Get Started:

To access any of the integrations above, customers should contact their account representative or the Vonage Support Team. Note: Using these integrations requires a Google Chrome® browser v25.0 or higher.
As cloud technology fundamentally changes how we interact and communicate, competitive businesses are leveraging it as a significant advantage. To learn how to put our cloud integrations to work for your business, complete a request a quote form and an expert will reach out right away.