Your call center is a vital gateway to your business. It’s where lasting impressions are made, where customer relationships are cultivated, and where increased margins can be realized. Historically, call centers have been expensive, while also providing limited functionality and a lackluster customer experience. Today, that’s not good enough. Now, businesses require a comprehensive, feature-rich call center as part of their Unified Communications strategy. Vonage Business’ resilient architecture offers built-in features to enhance call agent productivity, while also streamlining operations supervision and often minimizing additional hardware, software and up-front capital costs. Our platform also provides a comprehensive suite of agent and management applications for businesses that require a more advanced contact center solution.

With Vonage Business Call Center & Contact Center, you can:

Expand to Multi-Site Call Centers
Our Call Center solution supports individual centers, as well as distributed multi-site centers to act as a single virtual call center, regardless of location.
Manage Calls Effectively
Vonage Business offers a range of call distribution policies, from linear or simultaneous to skills-based or weighted call distribution, to ensure smooth call handling.
Provide 24x7x365 Customer Care
With the power of the cloud, a single service number can be distributed across global call center locations anytime.
Minimize Equipment Expenses
No additional hardware, PC-resident software, or traditional phone lines are required. Plus, with remote call agents, your upfront and ongoing capital expense can be dramatically lowered.

Key Features:

  • Your team performs call-control and agent state control functions directly from their desktops for IP phones, analog phones, or softphones using the Vonage Business Call Center Agent application.
  • Work with simplified interfaces that enable you to answer, direct, and complete calls more quickly; increasing productivity and improving the caller’s satisfaction level.
  • Use our Call Center Supervisor application to experience enhanced management capabilities for monitoring and recording agent calls and for identifying training gaps.
  • Access advanced reports to determine appropriate staffing levels and manage costs, even during heavy call volume time periods.
  • Leverage real time and historical call center reporting with PCs and a broadband connection.