Face-to-face meetings have always been an effective way to communicate. But, with travel budgets slashed and people spread across different locations on multiple devices, Unified Communications for business takes on a new set of challenges.

Video Conferencing Designed for Your Business:

Hosted Multi-Point Video Conferencing
Eliminate the stress and complexity associated with other video conferencing solutions. Dial into a video conference bridge from your desktop video phone, web browser, mobile or telepresence device and experience HD-quality video and audio for up to 100 attendees.
Point-to-Point Video Calling
You simply connect a video-enabled IP desk phone or mobile device and start making video calls at no extra charge.
Telepresence Room Integration
Provides cross-platform compatibility allowing you to employ enterprise-grade video conferencing regardless of your existing telepresence system, PBX, phone equipment and mobile devices. Our on-demand video solution gives you the flexibility to communicate from your boardroom, desktop, laptop, or mobile device. That means more time to focus on teamwork, decision-making, cost control, and productivity across your business.

Key Benefits:

  • Be more productive with virtual face-to-face collaboration
  • Connect with anyone while on the go
  • Get video and audio conference quality and control
  • Reliable, scalable and flexible communication solution