Communication never stops. That means people in your organization are inundated with messages, and staying on top of important messages has become increasingly challenging. Depending on what the user is doing at a given moment and where he is, listening to lengthy voicemail messages isn’t always an option.

As one of many Unified Communications business features, Vonage Visual Voicemail® converts voice recordings into highly-accurate text transcriptions. Transcriptions are delivered via email and SMS along with audio files for easy reading or listening during a meeting or on the go.

With Vonage Visual Voicemail, you can have:

Increased Responsiveness
Voice messages are no longer constrained to an audio mailbox. With Visual Voicemail, employees can be more informed and responsive throughout the day.
Improved Flexibility
With the ability to retrieve and save text transcriptions and audio files, employees have the option of choosing the format most convenient for them, whether stationary or on the go.
Better Productivity
Converting voicemail to text promotes productivity by eliminating the need to take notes, jot down a number or disrupt an important meeting.
visual voicemail

Key Features:

  • Messages are delivered as an audio (.wav) attachment via email and/or as a text message (SMS)
  • Visual Voicemail unifies mobile, home and work phones into one voicemail box, so messages can be read from any device
  • Transcribed voicemails appear in the body of an email or SMS message eliminating the need to download a file or launch a separate application

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