Whether you’re running a highly-regulated business, call center, or fully-mobile operation, the ability to record calls on demand is an increasingly important requirement. Vonage’s enterprise-grade technology connects to your business phone number via the cloud – so there’s never any additional equipment to install or maintain. Plus, as one of the many benefits of our Unified Communications Solutions, you can access audio recordings from any web browser – anytime, while on the go.

With Vonage® Call Recording, you can have:

Path to Cost Savings:
By eliminating the need to purchase and install expensive equipment, companies can realize significant upfront cost savings.
Increased Reliability:
With Vonage’s fully-hosted solution, service is available even when using traditional or off-network phones.
More Flexibility:
Vonage’s Hosted Recording solution works seamlessly across multiple setups to provide maximum flexibility.
User Friendly:
Vonage Call Recording’s intuitive online user interface makes it easy for employees to use to ensure you’re maximizing the benefits of call recording.
call receptionist recording

Key Features:

  • Access files and recorded calls through an intuitive, private online interface
  • Add important notes in the comments area to capture call details
  • Archive many call recordings for online safekeeping
  • Cross-platform compatibility for click-and-play performance
  • Save your call recordings in compressed standard M3U or MP3 format, and access the files from virtually anywhere via web browser
  • Search saved recordings on the network through a variety of categories – by incoming or outgoing number, caller name, comments, recording number or specific date and time of the call
  • Participate in live call recording with live call monitoring

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