What is MySphere Assistant?

MySphere Assistant is an add-on to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Outlook that provide new toolbars for accessing call management features directly within your web browser and mail client.

What is Remote Office?

Remote Office service allows you to use an alternate phone, such as a mobile, home, or hotel phone, as your main business phone.

What is Simultaneous Ringing Service?

Simultaneous Ringing service allows you to set a list of up to ten additional phone numbers that will ring each time you receive a call.

How do I dial from the Personal Directory?

You can dial directly any number stored in your Personal Directory, which integrates your personal contacts with MySphere Assistant. Click the desired phone number. MySphere Assistant will place the call.

How do I access/set up my VM?

From the phone, press the Messages button, the Connect soft key, dial your pass code, listen for options.

Where can I get a list of employees/coworkers phone numbers/extensions?

Log into the Web Portal, (, click on Utilities, Enterprise Directory, and Search. A list of all employees will appear. OR Click on the Group Directory icon on the Mysphere Assistant Toolbar. A list of all employees will appear.

How do I forward my phone?

From the phone, press the Forward soft key, highlight the type of forward you want by using the up and down arrow keys, press the Select soft key. Enter a phone number or extension in the Contact field and press the Enable soft key. To disable the forward follow the same steps, and press the Disable soft key.


From the Mysphere Assistant Toolbar click on the Call Forward Always icon, add a phone number or extension and click the Apply button. The icon will turn a different color. To disable the forward, click on the icon again. The icon will change back to its original color.

If an employee changes roles or leaves, how do I change the name on the phone?

Call Customer Care directly at: 888-Mysphere, or open a trouble ticket.

How do I open a trouble ticket?

From click on the Support tab. Enter your User ID and Password and click on the Contact Support link. Answer each question and enter a detailed description in the box at the bottom, press the Submit button. An email is sent to Customer Care so they can begin work on the ticket immediately. You will receive a confirmation email with a time frame of when the ticket will be completed.

Why are my calls going to VM?

From your phone, confirm Do Not Disturb is not enabled, confirm your Forwards are not enabled, and from the Mysphere Assistant Toolbar, confirm your Compilot Express status is None. If all of these features are correctly configured, call Customer Care and a staff member will trouble shoot the issue.

How do I change my toolbar password?

First, log into the Web Portal, (, in the Profile section click on Passwords, enter your current password, your new password twice, then click the Ok or Apply button to save. On the Mysphere Assistant Toolbar click the green button to log out, then the orange button to display your Log In Options box. Click the Account link and change the password to the same as the Web Portal, click the Ok button, the box will close and your Toolbar will illuminate.

How do I set up Speed/Directory dials on my phone?

From the phone, click on the Directories button, confirm Contact Directory is highlighted, press the Select soft key, Add or More soft key then Add, enter First Name, Last Name, etc. then press the Save soft key. Use the up and down Arrow keys to move from line to line and use the Alpha/Numeric soft key to type names and numbers or extensions. The Speed Dial List appears when you press the up Arrow key on the phone.

How do I remotely check my VM?

Dial your phone number, when your VM greeting answers press the * key, you will be prompted to enter your pass code, listen for options.