More companies are looking to the cloud to enhance business operations and workflow. Whether they’re adopting new phone service and collaboration tools, or shoring up their network, Vonage’s BYOB (bring your own broadband) approach can ensure the transition is seamless, efficient and fast. Here’s how:

Saving Time on Phone Installation

We work with businesses that have fast timelines, and we use our BYOB approach to help prevent downtime. For example, while we’re installing our private MPLS circuit, you can begin using our Premier business phone service right away. We simply activate service using your existing broadband internet until the full circuit installation is complete. You won’t miss a beat.

Connecting Multiple Offices with Broadband

Connecting multiple offices doesn’t always require a private circuit at each satellite location. We’re able to connect your separate office locations via public broadband, allowing easy integration and robust access to the voice features and cloud business tools that your employees enjoy at the main office. Since all you need to use Vonage services is a high-speed internet connection, connecting a new office or existing locations is seamless and simplified.

Supporting Mobility and SOHO

Sales teams and other on-the-go employees can easily integrate with our Premier voice platform using our Vonage MobileConnect app for desktops, smartphones and tablets. MobileConnect works seamlessly over WiFi, 3G/4G or your mobile carrier network. For your employees in small or home office (SOHO) settings: Instead of installing a private circuit on location, you can tie them into the full phone system via the public internet. It’s just another way our BYOB approach provides employees the flexibility to work more productively when they’re remote or on the go.

Enhancing BYOB with SD WAN

Our SD WAN application, Vonage SmartWAN, is a powerful value-add for companies who use their own broadband. It’s a managed, “over-the-top” service that enhances voice, cloud apps and other services; improves quality of service (QoS); and enables network capabilities such as monitoring traffic. Though it runs over the public internet, you get many of the capabilities – and the visibility – of being on a private circuit. For many companies, SmartWAN is a first step up from the public internet. If your requirements are even more rigid, you may choose to go with our private MPLS network, providing enhanced business continuity and failover – and completely managed by Vonage. We also offer options for hybrid deployment, with one MPLS link combined with a public internet connection

Switching to Vonage is made easy with BYOB so your business can use efficient technology right from the start by leveraging your existing internet broadband.

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