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The average law firm misses out on thousands in revenue due to not properly tracking their phone records. Our Clio integration automatically logs data from any device—even mobile, making tracking simple, and insuring your firm never misses out on billables again.

  • Customized to desktop & mobile devices
  • No client-side installation
  • Enjoy impressive ROI

Powered by gUnify, our Clio®integration lives right in your Chrome browser as an extension.
Cloud-powerful capabilities.

Vonage integrations are built from the network up, providing reliability, less delays, and enhanced quality of service for your Clio tasks.

Automatic time entry
Time entries based on call duration are automatically inputted following rate hierarchy: User rate, activity description if selected, or matter rate if selected.
Automated Call Logging
Automatically log all incoming and outgoing calls to Clio when the caller ID or clicked number is matched to a Clio contact.
Call tagging and note taking
Easy call tagging and note taking for all inbound/outbound calls exported directly to Clio. Even associate calls to a “matter” related to a matching contact.
Administrator feature controls
Admins can enable auto-open call log window, minimum character mandates and customizable subject structure in call notes.
Get Started
Using Vonage® for Clio® integration requires a Google Chrome browser v25.0 or higher.
For access, customers should contact their account representative or the Vonage Support Team.
Business grade. People friendly.

From a cloud hosted phone system on your current broadband to a UCaaS solution on a dedicated network, we can build custom communications for every business and every budget.

Vonage® Essentials
Robust, intuitive, and small business friendly:

Runs on your high-speed internet connection

40+ features to help you customize your business communications

High-quality voice and data

Includes Amazon Chime Pro, offering chat, screen share, video and web conferencing

Simple activation and setup with 24/7 customer support

Integrates with the business applications you use everyday

Enables mobile working and virtual teams

Easily scales as your business grows

Month-to-month contracts available

Vonage® Premier
Enterprise-grade unified communications:

One of the nation’s largest purpose-built MPLS networks

Advanced features including conferencing for up to 300 users

Elevated quality of service for voice, video, and data communications

End-to-end managed installation and dedicated service teams

Deep integration ties phone service to top business applications

Enable mobile workers and connect multiple offices seamlessly

Reliable and scalable solutions for inbound, outbound, and multi-site contact centers

Hybrid network and bring your own broadband options with SD-WAN

Call for a free consultation from a business phone system specialist

Anytime between 8AM - 6PM EST

Or, tell us about your business and a specialist will get in touch.

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