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Improve each customer interaction. Streamline day-to-day account organization. Get extensive reporting capabilities. With Zoho integration, it’s so easy to do more in the course of a call without leaving the Zoho CRM: add contacts, add notes, track call duration, click-to-dial, and more.

  • Works with desktop & mobile devices
  • Boosts “Zoho-holic” efficiency
  • No client-side installation

Cloud-powerful capabilities.

Vonage® integrations are built from the network up, so you can expect better uptime, less delays and enhanced quality of service for all your Zoho tasks.

Screen pop with quick-add next action
With both inbound and outbound calls, screen pops show you who’s on the line, instantly brings up the Zoho record and lets you add the next task or appointment
Call logging & note taking
Automatically logging calls capturing all notes as an Activity, saves time. It also makes customer contact reporting, sorting, and prioritization easy.
Quick-add contacts
Create new contacts quickly and efficiently while you’re on the call with new prospects or customers.
Call time reporting
Use call time and durations to analyze data from individual customers or customer segments.
Get Started
Using Vonage® for Zoho® CRM integration requires a Google Chrome™ browser v25.0 or higher.
For access, customers should contact their account representative or the Vonage Support Team.
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