Vonage’s network protects voice and data communications to meet the highest industry standards and support your enterprise’s security policies. Our nationwide, private, MPLS-based IP network currently supports more than 400,000 business users, and is designed to deliver high-quality service and Unified Communications through redundancy and end-to-end control. At Vonage we design, monitor and manage your network so you can focus on what really matters: your business.

The Benefits of Vonage’s Network Services:

Carrier-Grade MPLS and QoS
With Vonage’s managed MPLS network, you have access to superior Quality of Service (QoS) via private, managed circuits that minimize call drops, data loss and static. Vonage’s proprietary and scalable auto-provisioning and customer management platform is highly valued for large scale installations.
Business Continuity
We keep our customers connected whenever and wherever they need to be. When you allow Vonage to manage your network, you can expect the most reliability, connectivity and redundancy available. Our premise-based routers, switches and firewalls are configured and managed by a team of certified, in-house engineers.
Cloud Infrastructure
Our virtual computing platform is built on an advanced, highly-distributed software architecture that provides both high-performance and massive scale-out capabilities while running on the best-in-class hardware to maximize affordability for our customers.
Industry-Leading Technology
Vonage Business is unsurpassed in delivering VoIP telephony service to enterprises by partnering with top technology providers to design and deploy the most robust and reliable platform in the industry.

Key Features: Enhanced Security & Continuity with 24/7 Network Monitoring Services

  • Redundant ring architecture, National IP routing fabric and multi-site MPLS VPN
  • Protects voice and data communications through strong authentication and encryption
  • Logical separation of voice and data networks
  • VoIP-aware firewalls
  • Strategic Disaster Recovery
  • Quickly detect, diagnose and resolve network performance problems and outages
  • Receive ongoing change and configuration management and support for customer network devices

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