Traditional phone lines are no longer adequate for today’s rapid pace of business communications. That’s why many companies are moving their communications to a cloud-hosted solution for their business phone system. A flexible and feature-rich path to this is available through Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking, a cost-effective technology that connects your legacy phone system to the Vonage Cloud. Vonage deploys SIP Trunking for organizations to transmit voice, video, data, text and other unified communications (UCaaS), leveraging the power and scalability of the Internet to deliver cost-effective functionality.

Why Choose SIP Trunking from Vonage?

Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Trunking

Offers a virtual connection that allows for both voice and data transmission
Can be purchased one at a time, allowing your business to scale up or down as needed
Easily allows for business continuity through automatic call re-routing in the cloud
Requires little to no hardware investment
for deployment

Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

Offers a physical connection over a dedicated line that only serves voice transmission
Can require the purchase of up to 23 channels at a time, minimizing flexibility of scale
Call diversion and re-routing is possible, but can be complex to setup and expensive to maintain
Requires an up-front investment in hardware for deployment

Vonage makes it easy for businesses to convert legacy systems to deliver voice, data and more over the Internet via SIP Trunking. Better yet, we can connect your phones and phone system without removing or replacing them.

Why Choose SIP Trunking from Vonage?

One Provider
Say goodbye to expensive PSTN gateways, multiple providers and local voice trunks. Vonage gives you nationwide coverage, all under a single account.
Enhanced Growth Strategy
Vonage’s private SIP ties neatly into your business’ existing infrastructure, employing a hybrid of trunks to your on-premise PBX and cloud-based PBX seats.
PBX Interoperability
Session Border Controllers powered by Acme Packet allow Vonage’s private SIP interoperability with respected IP PBX manufacturers including Microsoft Lync®, Cisco Call Manager, Avaya, Asterisk, Zultys and more.
Industry-Leading Technology
Vonage Business is unsurpassed in delivering VoIP telephony service to enterprises by partnering with top technology providers to design and deploy the most robust and reliable platform in the industry.

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Microsoft Lync Integration

Now you can extend your Microsoft Lync enterprise implementation nationwide with Vonage Business’ cloud-based, private SIP trunking solutions.


CA MLTS 911Calls to 9-1-1 from Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems may display your corporate or billing address rather than the actual location of the caller. There are steps PBX clients can take to provide location-specific information. The following link provided by the California Public Utilities Commission provides more information:


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