Today’s business customers depend on high quality voice communications to conduct their day-to-day business operations. As businesses increase the usage of video, online collaboration tools and other bandwidth-intensive cloud applications, it is critical that key real-time business Unified Communications (voice, video, virtual desktop) do not suffer due to the nature of shared bandwidth. SD WAN service from Vonage Business offers a reliable and scalable solution, to manage your network in a way that optimizes service quality (Voice QOS), without compromising on privacy and control.

QoS over “Any” Network

Whether you’re on the Vonage MPLS network or looking to deploy our Bring-Your-Own-Broadband solution, SD WAN maximizes the bandwidth resources at your headquarters, branch offices or cloud sites and provides QoS over the top of any WAN connection, thereby increasing the performance of mission critical applications.

With Vonage SmartWAN Managed Service You Get:

Assured WAN Performance
Simple Managed Service that allows business application prioritization irrespective of the type and number of Internet connections.
Cloud VPN
Encrypt traffic from branch site to HQ over public internet.
Hybrid VPN
Ability to encrypt traffic in a mix of cloud and MPLS deployment.
Service Optimization
Different levels of service based on your business needs.
Fully Functional Application Layer Firewall

Key Features of SD WAN:

  • Replace both firewall and router with this one service from Vonage.
  • Seamless failover in case of link failure, when using 2 or more network connections.
  • Real-time applications like voice and video get higher priority – congestion prevention at the edge combined with smart QoS controls hosted and managed in the Vonage Core.
  • Detailed visibility into link and application performance statistics.