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It’s about time
business communications caught up.

Sure, we live in a world where we can accomplish incredible things. Yet, our business lives are filled with faulty, complex, and outdated communications. It makes no sense. So we’re creating better ways to get things done.
Vonage. Business Grade. People Friendly.

Business Grade
Head in the clouds?
Yes. And proud of it.

As leaders in cloud technology since 2001, we have the expertise and experience to innovate and optimize custom phone and communications solutions for businesses. We're using our strengths as a cloud communications provider to deliver business technology robust enough for business, but easy and intuitive for your employees.

Enterprise Ready
Reliable & Scalable.

As the largest nationwide MPLS IP network of any US-based provider, Vonage has brought reliable, scalable and private communications technology to enterprise businesses–even as large as 30,000 employees.

“To fully understand the communications gap, a broad perspective is needed, as expectations are changing across the business spectrum – not just employees, but executive management and your customers.”
Read “The Communication Gap: It’s Business and It’s Personal” Whitepaper now.
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Intuitive Features
Revolutionize your business day.

Get user and system features, and 24×7 support—all utilizing our fully hosted UCaaS technology. With 40+ intuitive phone features, it’s business innovation that unchains your employees from their desks and scales as your grow. It’s business communication technology that actually deserves to be called technology.

Missed Calls? Never again.

Vonage Visual Voicemail® transcribes them into text and sends them as an email to your inbox along with an audio file.

Dialing? It’s so 2015.

Speak2Dial™ has a revolutionary speech-recognition based directory that lets you reach your colleagues hands-free with just your voice–even if you don’t know how to spell their name.

Record your calls.

Call Recording has your back, enabling you to go back and listen to important calls at any time from a convenient online archive.

More Call Center Control.

Call Monitoring lets your supervisors listen in on calls, “whisper” to the employee being monitored, and even join the conversation.

Mobile Integration
Your cell phone becomes your office.

With a BYOD (bring-your-own-device) model, cloud-driven VoIP, video calling/conferencing, IM and collaborative capabilities combine for one powerful office in your employee’s pockets. It’s easy with the Vonage app.

Change devices. Stay connected.

With MobileConnect, the call you start on your desk phone moves seamlessly to your mobile device without call interruption.

Have that meeting in your virtual office.

VideoConnect helps you connect employees from anywhere on nearly any device. So your conference calls become virtual meetings.

The Vonage Difference
Pie in the sky? Nah, that’s the Vonage Cloud.

It starts with 40+ cloud-based calling features enabling your business to do more in more places. But the 500,000 + business users who trust Vonage for their phone solutions agree, Vonage is so much more.

Seamless Transition
Your business won’t miss a beat.

Easily migrate from your old phone system without missing a minute of doing business. We’ll support you every step of the way.

Customer Service
Assistance when you need it.

If you ever need assistance, your employees can reach help right away 24/7.

CRM Integration
Customer insight. Every call.

Legacy phone systems that can’t support your CRM can increase loss, reduce productivity and even lose customers. VonageConnect easily integrates with your CRM software like Salesforce®, Zendesk®, Microsoft Dynamics® and many others.

Enterprise Protection
Security as strong as your best quarter.

Our network protects voice and data communications meeting the highest industry standards. Our nationwide, private, MPLS-based IP network supports more than 400,000 business users delivering high-quality service and availability through redundancy and end-to-end control.

Jon Arnold
As the gap between highly intuitive consumer technology and the applications employees use in the workplace widens, it should also be clear that the solution involves more than an updated phone system.
Current Whitepaper
The Communication Gap: It's Business and It's Personal

Enterprises need communications solutions that can integrate across all modes, devices and networks. Here’s what you need to know about addressing a potential communications gap.

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  • 40+ features you can use to customize your business communications.
  • Mobile integration that makes your employees more productive–and happy.
  • Easy transition with personal 24/7 support.
  • 10+ year’s experience bringing cloud-based communications to the enterprise sector.
  • Robust network with enterprise-grade features and solutions.
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